​China's cyber plan to protect the state secrets

China has issued ​a 5 year security plan to safeguard state secrets by turning to domestically produced software.

​China's cyber plan to protect the state secrets

World Bulletin / News Desk

China’s state secrets are set to be protected even further with a five-year state-run cybersecurity program, announced against the ever-growing cyber confrontation with the US, Chinese official media reports on Thursday.

A senior official from the Chinese Ministry of Industry and IT has said that software purchase of the state government agencies and institutions will be changed  to domestically-developed products.

State-owned enterprises, financial institutions and government departments will need to improve software security. China's case for increasing cyber security was strengthened after Edward Snowden revealed the extent of US intelligence agencies intercepting data over the internet and straddling communication lines.

Taking this into consideration, the Chinese government has recently excluded from the state-approved purchase list of the world's leading technology products, many of them American, and replacing them with domestic alternatives.



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