China's Spring Festival rush takes millions to roads

Masses of Chinese workers in city centers take to the roads to spend Spring Festival in their homes in rural China

China's Spring Festival rush takes millions to roads
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China’s annual Spring Festival travel rush known as “chunyun” is starting this week, as millions of passengers in city centers travel to their homes in rural China to spend the holiday with their loved ones.

The Spring Festival Holiday, also known as Chinese New Year, will officially begin on January 31. The holiday period normally of one week, can spill over to longer as people avail of the opportunity to spend time with their relatives and friends.

China, the most populated country in the world with 1.3 billion population, experiences the world’s biggest migration of people during this holiday season with city migrant workers travelling to their homes in rural China.

The festival will last 40 days and during this time, a total of 258 million people are expected to use trains. 300 more trains were added in order to meet the demand, and 2,667 train services are being made per day. A total of 860,000 buses, 210,000 ships and 120,000 passenger planes will be in service during the festival time.

Precautions for bird flu

Most of the live poultry bazaars will be closed during the first 15 days of the Spring Festival as a precaution to prevent and control the H7N9 bird flu epidemic in the country. The precaution has been taken by authorities despite the fact that no symptoms have been detected to show a human-to-human infection of the disease.

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