Chinese police raided 148 points in Muslim Xinjiang in 2014

China Daily says police conducted search operations in Kashgar city 'against factors disturbing the region's people.'

Chinese police raided 148 points in Muslim Xinjiang in 2014
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Chinese security forces raided 148 points in the northwestern Xinjiang region in 2014 as part of public order operations, according to the state-owned China Daily.

Police reportedly launched search operations in 148 different places in Kashgar, a city in the Muslim-populated region, "against factors disturbing the region's people."

The newspaper said that Kashgar, located near the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan, had become a hotbed of “increasing terrorist activities” in recent years.  

The Chinese government typically holds “radical groups” responsible for explosions and knife attacks across the country – particularly the troubled Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region – but does not release detailed information on the matter.

Wide security measures were introduced in Xinjiang in 2014 to combat attacks and clashes with security forces by separatists who are fighting to create an independent East Turkestan nation.

Uighur, a Turkic group that makes up around 45 percent of the population of Xinjiang, has accused China of carrying out repressive policies that restrain their religious, commercial and cultural activities.

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