Duterte calls for solidarity against North Korea

Philippine president says Pyongyang should stop threatening the world

Duterte calls for solidarity against North Korea

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President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday called on the Philippines’ allies to unite in addressing North Korea’s nuclear threat.

“It would be to our advantage if you just go around showing solidarity with the rest of the world. Not only because we face so many challenges and threats, but (because) the small guy there in North Korea is playing with dangerous weapons,” said Duterte as quoted by the state-run Philippine News Agency.

Duterte said the country’s strongest allies should stick together in case tensions on the Korean peninsula escalate.

“So I hope in the coming days, we stay together, especially the alliance between us - the Philippines, America and even China," he said. “(North Korea is) just a neighbor of China, and any destruction using nuclear bombs, nuclear arms, would destroy Southeast Asia immediately. And the Philippines is no exception.”

Duterte said countries must establish a strong alliance to show North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un that “he has to stop threatening the world”.

He also noted that only China is capable of stopping North Korea’s plans.

"China appears to be the only monkey wrench in the violent plans of Kim,” he said.

“You have to keep watch over him, and it is always good to be prepared.”

Manila has repeatedly called on Pyongyang to cease its dangerous and provocative actions which heighten tensions and could endanger lives.

As the current chair of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the Philippines also offered “to play a role in creating diplomatic space to effect meaningful dialogue” on the Korean peninsula’s tensions.

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