India kills 9 Kashmiris in one day, death toll rises to 31

Indian forces killed at least nine Kashmiris in protests, increasing death toll to 31, officials and witnesses said.

India kills 9 Kashmiris in one day, death toll rises to 31

Indian forces killed at least nine Kashmiris in protests, increasing death toll to 31, officials and witnesses said.

It was the biggest death toll in a single day in the latest wave of pro-independence protests in Kashmir.

Four people, including a girl, died from bullet wounds when police opened fire on protesters, while five others died in a blast after protesters set fire to a police station stored with explosives.

Kashmiris see India as an “occupier” and accuse the ruling of systematic violations, killing dozens of civilians in Himalayan region.

At least 150 people were injured during attacks of Indian forces in Kashmir where all the deaths happened on Sunday.

"So far four people have died of bullet wounds and five have died when an ammunition dump went off after an angry mob torched a police camp," a senior police officer, who did not want to be named, told Reuters.

The latest deaths brought thousands of people out into the streets in Pampore and other neighbouring areas shouting: "Go India go!, We want freedom!"

Tens of thousands of police and paramilitary soldiers in riot gear patrolled deserted streets across Kashmir where a curfew was imposed during weeks, witnesses said.

The Himalayan region is at the heart of a decades-long dispute between India and Pakistan, who have fought two of their three wars over the issue since they won freedom from British rule in 1947.

"Chief Minister Omar Abdullah appealed to all sections of the society to extend their wholehearted cooperation in restoration of peace and normalcy in the valley," a government statement said.

Pro-Indian chief Abdullah was reported to fly to New Delhi over the bloody incidents.

Tens of thousands of Muslims have been killed since pro-independent moves grew against Indian rule in 1989. 

In 1948, the United Nations adopted a resolution calling for a referendum for Kashmir to determine whether the Himalayan region should be part of India and Pakistan. But India has rejected to hold referendum in Kashmiri territory.

Indian security forces have been accused in the past of human rights violations, including rape and extrajudicial killings.



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