Indian anti-terror police seize ISIL 'kill list'

National Investigation Agency official says 250 computer experts identified as assassination targets

Indian anti-terror police seize ISIL 'kill list'

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Counter-terror officers in India have discovered a “kill list” of information technology experts who have helped track down ISIL terrorists, a security official said Thursday.

The list of 250 software professionals from across the country was found on a laptop belonging to an alleged ISIL recruiter, a National Investigation Agency (NIA) official said.

Nasir Bin Yafi Chaus, 32, was arrested in Parbhani, Maharastra state, last year. He is said to have been in touch with a ISIL contact in Syria.

The list contains details such as the names and home addresses of software professionals, some of who have helped security forces track ISIL suspects.

The NIA is considering the possibility that the list was made as a “red herring” distraction for investigators.

There have been no ISIL attacks on Indian soil but security forces have rounded up a number of people suspected of having been radicalized by the group in recent months.

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