Indian village council orders gang-rape as punishment

A village council ordered the gang-rape of a young woman as a punishment for falling in love with a Muslim man.

Indian village council orders gang-rape as punishment

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Amnesty International has revealed that a 20-year-old Adivasi woman in West Bengal, India, was gang-raped last year as a punishment ordered by a village council for falling in love with a Muslim man.

She was reportedly then raped by a group of 13 men upon the orders of the local, unelected all-male council, known as Khap Panchayat.

Calling on the Indian government to investigate the incident, senior researcher at Amnesty International Divya Iyer said, "The West Bengal police must thoroughly investigate this alleged gang-rape, and bring to justice those responsible. Authorities must also ensure that the woman and her family receive immediate and adequate police protection.

“Any person found guilty of inciting violence against the woman must be held accountable.

“Khap Panchayats notoriously issue extra-legal decrees ordering inhuman and sexually violent punishments against women, including 'honor' killings. The Justice Verma Committee has pointed out that the orders of Khap Panchayatsare illegal, and urged the government to crack down on them.

“Authorities must ensure that women's rights to choose their partners are respected and protected, and take steps to end discrimination and violence against women."

The Adivasi people of West Bengal are considered to be aboriginal tribesmen who are generally averse to integrating with modern society. While most of them practice Hinduism, some are also Christians.

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