International community vows to put more pressure on Myanmar for Rohingya repatriation

Embassies of 13 states, EU delegation in Bangladesh express concerns over escalating rights violations in Myanmar.

International community vows to put more pressure on Myanmar for Rohingya repatriation

Embassies of 13 countries and the European Union delegation in Bangladesh in a joint statement on Thursday said that their countries would continue pressure on Myanmar to solve the Rohingya crisis and stop human rights violations under the military junta in the Buddhist majority state.

“We will also continue to push for a solution to the political and humanitarian crisis in Myanmar caused by the military coup of February 2021, a solution which must be inclusive,” said the statement.

The joint statement by the diplomatic offices of the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Denmark, France, German, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland was issued on the day when the persecuted Rohingya are observing the 5th anniversary of the exodus.

They are marking Aug. 25 as a genocide day as the Myanmar military launched a brutal killing operation on this day in 2017, forcing around 750,000 Rohingya to flee to Bangladesh within a couple of days.

The merciless military clampdown has been marked as a "textbook example of ethnic cleansing and genocide" by the world.

Bangladesh is currently hosting more than 1.2 million Rohingya, most of whom fled a brutal military crackdown in their home country of Myanmar’s Rakhine state in August 2017.

Referring to the sanctions on some military officials in Myanmar and other individuals of the East Asian country, the statement added that they would continue to raise the plight of Rohingya on the international stage.

These countries will also keep efforts for a solution to the crisis that allows for the voluntary, safe, dignified and sustainable return of Rohingya to their communities in Rakhine State, Myanmar, as soon as conditions allow, the statement added.

“We note with concern the reports of escalating violence and serious human rights violations across Myanmar by the Myanmar military,” the statement said, adding that the culture of impunity for military atrocities in Myanmar should be ended.

The statement recalled the commitment of the world leaders to protect human rights and the “accountability initiatives” for the terrible acts committed against the Rohingya.

“Our countries have imposed sanctions on some individuals responsible for serious human rights violations against Rohingya. We will continue to work together with the Government of Bangladesh, the UN, and international and national partners, to ensure that Rohingya refugees receive humanitarian assistance, protection and education,” the statement noted.