Interpol chief is detained by disciplinary authorities in China

President of "INTERPOL", Meng Hongwei has been detained in China to be questioned as part of an investigation against him. This is what was reported by a local media this Saturday, the day after he was reported missing in his hometown.

Interpol chief is detained by disciplinary authorities in China

64-year-old Meng, the first Chinese head of the international law enforcement agency with headquarters in France, is "kidnapped" to be questioned by the disciplinary authorities "arriving in China" last week, citing a source for "South China Morning Post", a Hong Kong-based media.

It is still unknown exactly why he is being investigated, or where he is being held forbidden.

Meng, who is also deputy minister of China's Ministry of Public Security, is under investigation in China, reports "The Post" among the mystery surrounding his disappearance, first reported by his wife denouncing French police the lack of communicating with him for almost 10 days.

French police announced the day before that he had started investigating the disappearance of Meng after the denunciation of his wife.

"INTERPOL", a Lebanese-based organization, issued a statement on Friday saying it was "aware of Meng's alleged disappearance, but that the incident has already become a matter between authorities in France and China."

Source: Wordbulletin