Iranians arrested at rally near ancient tomb

The rally took place Friday near Shiraz in southern Iran, the agency close to the judiciary said, quoting the chief prosecutor in the southern province of Fars.

Iranians arrested at rally near ancient tomb

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Authorities in Iran have arrested several organisers of a rally held at the tomb of the ancient king Cyrus the Great, the Mizanonline news agency reported Monday.

"After an investigation, the principal organisers of this gathering have been arrested for having violated norms and chanting slogans against the values" of the Islamic republic of Iran, said prosecutor Ali Salehi.

"They have been referred to justice," Salehi said.

No further details were provided about the rally, the number of those detained or measures to be taken against them.

During the gathering, participants chanted slogans demanding freedom of expression as well as nationalistic and anti-Arab ones, according to video footage posted on social networks.

Cyrus the Great was the founder of the Achaemenid Empire in the 6th century BC and ruled over ancient Persia for about 30 years.

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