Japanese constitution debate intensifies after self-immolation

A man set himself on fire to protest against Japan's constitution plans.

Japanese constitution debate intensifies after self-immolation

World Bulletin / News Desk

A lone dissenter set fire to himself in an apparent protest over plans to "reinterpret" the document during a debate over Japan's constitution that took place.

On Sunday, police received emergency calls beginning around 1pm (local time) that a man wearing a suit had climbed the frame of a pedestrian bridge near the busy Shinjuku train station in central Tokyo and was speaking through a megaphone. Onlookers said he used the device to criticize government plans to change the Japanese constitution.

Police spokesman told CNN that when the police officers arrived to the scene they smelled gasoline.
Next to the man who was attempting suicide had two plastic bottles containing what they believed to be fuel.

Police and firefighters tried to persuade the man to come down off the bridge. Police say the man set himself on fire as a rescue team with a ladder truck approached him around 2pm., shoing onlookers who gathered below.

While he was taken to the hospital he was concious and recieving treatment. A police spokesperson told CNN that he will be charged with using flames in public without a permit, which is considered a minor offense.


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