Kerry and Karzai agree on 'language' of BSA

John Kerry and Afghan president Karzai have agreed on the 'language' of a Bilateral Security Agreement meeting on Thursday.

Kerry and Karzai agree on 'language' of BSA

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U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry Wednesday said that Washington and Kabul have agreed on the language of a security agreement to keep American forces in Afghanistan beyond the 2014 deadline for most western troops to leave.

"I'm pleased to say that in a series of conversations with President Karzai in

the course of this morning, even interrupting some of our conversations, that we reached an agreement as to the final language of the bilateral security agreement that will be placed before the Loya Jirga tomorrow," said Kerry while speaking in a joint press conference with Defense Chief Chuck Hagel at the State Department.

Approximately 2,500 Afghan delegates will start four-day deliberations on the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) tomorrow in Kabul.

Kerry added that the potential future role for US forces would be to "train, equip and assist. There is no combat role for United States forces."

In the past, disagreements have arisen over US requests that its troops be immune from Afghan law, and that US forces be able to carry out raids of Afghan homes.

Regarding press reports, which alleged that Afghan President Hamid Karzai had asked for a letter of apology from the US for the mistakes of US forces there, Kerry said, "President Karzai didn't ask for an apology. There was no discussion of an apology. It's just not even on the table. He didn't ask for it, we're not discussing it and that is not the subject that we have been talking about."

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