Kyrgyzstan ministers begin learning Kyrgyz language

After enacting the requirement that personnel in the government of Kyrgyzstan must know the Kyrgyz language, government employees are being directed to language courses.

Kyrgyzstan ministers begin learning Kyrgyz language

Murat Hayati/World Bulletin

After the Kyrgyzstan Council of Ministers enacted a requirement that the personnel at government offices know the Kyrgyz language, employees who do not fulfill the requirement have begun language development courses.

Many high-level officials do not currently know Kyrgyz. The cultural policies of the Soviet era weakened Kyrgyz language and culture. The UN considered Kyrghyz among the languages which will be lost over the coming period.

President of Government Administration Nurhanbek Momunaliyev explained in a statement that personnel in the administrative structure will be classified according to the level of their Kyrgyz language knowledge.

The statement aslo indicate that in order to develop the grammar and writing skills of the personnel, they will take courses with technology in a computer environment. Momunaliyev explained that, unlike the suggestions of the Russian media, the new regulations are not an initiative by the Kyrgyz government to eliminate the Russian language from the environment.

According to the Constitution of Kyrgyzstan, the Kyrgyz language is the state language, while Russian has the status of official language. Many members of parliament argue that the Kyrgyz language should be used in all correspondence and documents. In multi-ethnic Kyrgyzstan, the parliament has deputies belonging to different ethnicities. Due to Russian serving as the official language, all speeches made in plenary sessions are simultaneously translated into Russian, while Russian speeches are translated to Kyrgyz.


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