Landmines still killing Afghan civilians

22 thousand civilians have been killed by landmines in Afghanistan to date

Landmines still killing Afghan civilians

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Afghanistan has been invaded and occupied by various nations throughout history due to its geographical location.

Wars have never ended in the country. Mines have been spread throughout the land . The civilians have paid theprice.

Approximately 30 people lose their lives each month as a result of mine explosions.

At least 10 girls lost their lives when a mine exploded in the Nagarhar district in December.

22 thousand civilians have died due to mines to date.

A mobilization had been declared to clean up the mines in the country.

Thousand 200 kilometers of mined land have been cleared in the last 20 years.

13 thousand personnel are still searching for land mines.

300 dogs are also involved in the efforts in order to make the task easier.

The remaining regions are scheduled to be cleaned up over the next 10 years.

The Soviet Union placed the most mines throughout the land in Afghanistan.

Iran and Italy come in second place.

However these countries have made no efforts toward demining.

While withdrawing from Afghanistan, the Soviet Union had explained that they had placed 10 million mines throughout the country.

A large number of mines have been neutralized through the demining efforts begun in 1989, but studies show that there is still close to 1 million mines remaining.

The efforts are being carried out by the United Nations.


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