Myanmar sells Muslims' natural resources to China

The Myanmar government is selling the natural resources from areas inhabited by the Muslim population, who are exposed to massacres and atrocities, to China.

Myanmar sells Muslims' natural resources to China

World Bulletin/News Desk

It has been announced that the under construction natural gas and oil pipelines between Myanmar and China will begin operating this year.

Accirding to a report in China’s official press, deputy governor of the Yunnan province Gao Shushun in southwest China said that the natural gas pipeline will go into operation in the first half of the year while the oil pipeline commense operation either at the end of the year and the start of the next.

The construction of the energy lines running from the port of Kyaukpyu on the west coast of Myanmar to China's Yunnan province began in 2010.

It is expected that the under construction pipelines will have a huge impact on Myanmar’s economy.

The Myanmar-Chine pipeline also plays an important role in regards to energy security. China plans to use this line which it sees as more secure than the Malaga strait for energy imports.

Following the completion of construction, the oil pipeline will have an annual capacity of 22 million tons and the gas pipeline a capacity of 12 billion cubic meters.

Natural gas and oil resources in Myanmar are found in areas with a dense Muslim population. Mines of rubies and diamonds are also found in the region. 

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Anthony Alfidi
Anthony Alfidi - 6 yıl Before

Myanmar should be careful about the deals it makes with China. It may get pushed around as China becomes more aggressive in Asia: