News report paves way for aid to poor in Baluchistan

A news report by TRT TURK led to the delivery of aid to one of Pakistan's most remote and badly effected villages in the earthquake-hit zone of Baluchistan.

News report paves way for aid to poor in Baluchistan

The damage of the earthquake in Pakistan's Baluchistan province is yet to be restored. In addition to a lack of efficiency in aid distribution, separatist groups have blocked the delivery of aid those in need. Awaran is one of these districts where illegal groups constitute the major obstacle for the delivery of aid. But the reports of TRT TURK, the state sponsored Turkish news channel, have facilitated the transportation of aid to Awaran by the Mavi Hilal charity.

The hopes broken of the people of Awaran were revived after the Turkish charity extended its helping hand to the victims of the destructive earthquake. Mavi Hilal delivered basic foodstuffs to satisfy the monthly need of the Mongoli village. TRT TURK staff were helping to deliver the aid packages.

Having killed more than 500 people in addition to destroying the lives of over 300 people, the earthquake paralyzed life in Awaran. Just after the disaster, TRT TURK cameramen and correspondents arrived in Awaran and covered stories telling of the hardships caused by the earthquake. The reports have encouraged aid organizations in Turkey to start aid campaigns for Pakistan. The Mavi Hilal Foundation sent foodstuffs and blankets with the help of TRT TURK staff; cameraman Esad Bashir and the channel's country representative Levent Öztürk.  

The footage of TRT TURK about Mongoli village about one week after the earthquake accomplished its goal when the aid packages were distributed in the village. One month following the coverage, TRT TURK cameraman and a country representative were again in the village, but this time to cover the aid campaign. Each of 160 families received 30 kg of flour, 15 kg of dry food, 1 kg of spice and 10 lt of oil as well as 1200 blankets, which was distributed to residents with the coordination of local administration. 

Expressing thanks to the Turkish public, the Mavi Hilal Foundation and TRT TURK, the local governor said "When you came last month we explained our problems you you but we did not expect that you would visit again with aid packages. Your helping hand will meet the village's food needs for one month. We are preparing for the winter but we have a serious housing problem. Your support relaxed our crisis a bit, thank you to the Turkish society."

The Pakistani army was the first to arrive in the region. Following the troops, the Pakistani Red Crescent came to Awaran. The Pakistani Red Crescent formed an emergency unit to provide first aid to wounded people, and with the collaboration of the Turkish Red Crescent, distributed aid packages to more than 5 thousand families affected by the earthquake.

They waited for aid for one month

Although one month passed after the destructive disaster, an efficient aid campaign had not been conducted. The images in Awaran makes one feel that the earthquake occurred just a few days ago. The primary concern of Awaran resident is the upcoming winter, which will create more catastrophe for them. Extensive security problems and geographical hardships prevent large aid campaigns. Furthermore, the world media has shown a lack of interest in the tragedy taking place in Pakistan.

The earthquake affected an area of 100 kilometer squared. Security concerns are still rampant in the region. The Baluchistan Liberation Army, a group struggling for Baluchistan's independence from Pakistan, has been conducting regular attacks against troops carrying aid to earthquake victims in the region.

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