Over half of Pakistan below poverty line

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar's claim that minimum wage in Pakistan is $2 a day puts 60.19% under the poverty line.

Over half of Pakistan below poverty line

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Pakistan's Finance Minister Ishaq Dar denied on Monday that that the lowest daily income was $1.25. Rather, he said that Pakistan followed international standards with $2 a day being the minimum wage.

Pointing to statistics in the Pakistan Economic Survey for 2007-2008, the minister said that about 17.2% of Pakistanis were considered impoverished. Local reports that are take $1.25 daily as the minimum wage and based on consumption and calorie intake show that poverty is decreasing in Pakistan.

“The decline in poverty can be associated with a number of factors, including increased allocations to social safety programmes such as BISP, Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund, better support prices for agricultural products, better seed varieties that yielded better agriculture outputs and an improvement in remittance inflows,” the minister said.

However, according to Dawn News, if the minimum wage in Pakistan is $2 per day in line with international standards, as he says it is, the number of people below the poverty line is far greater than half, standing at 60.19%.

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