Pakistan: Hundreds protest killing of 7-year-old boy

Police in Lahore have taken a deputy prayer leader of a mosque into custody

Pakistan: Hundreds protest killing of 7-year-old boy
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Hundreds of enraged citizens took to the streets on Saturday to protest against the molestation and killing of a 7-year old boy in the northeastern Pakistani city of Lahore, said local police.

Carrying the boy’s body on a charpoy (wooden bed), the protesters gathered outside a police station where the key suspect, a deputy prayer leader was being interrogated.

“Hang him,” repeated the emotionally charged crowd, including the father and other family members of the deceased, Muhammad Moin.

“He deserves that,” they chanted.

Moin’s body was found in a mosque in Green Town, a middle-income area of Lahore on Friday. The post mortem report shows that the victim was molested before being hanged. The body was found hanging from a railing inside the mosque.

Mohammad Saqib, 35, was taken into custody on Friday night with another prayer leader. The latter was later released after he proved his absence from the scene, the police said.

But Saqib did not satisfy the police with his answers.

“He has formally been arrested as circumstantial evidences go against him,” local police chief Sharif Khan Sindhu said.

Moin had gone missing on Thursday evening after he had left home for a nearby tuition center, where he would study.

The police said it was informed by an unknown caller about the presence of the body in the mosque on Friday afternoon.


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