Pakistan’s first lady praises Erdogan

Bushra Imran says the only two leaders of this century are Imran Khan and President Erdogan

Pakistan’s first lady praises Erdogan

Pakistan's first lady has praised Turkey’s president as being a true leader of the Muslim world.

In her first interview with a local broadcaster late Thursday, Bushra Imran said after Pakistan's founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah, this century has only two leaders – Pakistani premier Imran Khan and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Khan has leaned towards Sufism in recent years with frequent visits to shrines and faith healers to seek blessings for his political journey.

This led him to marry faith healer Bushra in February this year.

"Khan is not a politician but a leader who doesn't want to earn money and doesn't need fame," Bushra said, adding he is doing everything for the nation. 

Comparing Khan with Turkey’s president, the first lady said her husband is a very simple man.

Bushra, who publicly wears a veil, has been facing criticism from liberal circles in the country. She said she doesn't care because it is the most important part of the religion. 

Source: AA