Philippines begins nationwide smoking ban

Duterte implemented ban while mayor of Davao

Philippines begins nationwide smoking ban

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The Philippines implemented a nationwide smoking ban Sunday in accordance with an Executive Order signed by President Rodrigo Duterte.

The order was signed in May and establishes no smoking areas in public places -- indoor and outdoor.

Among the new actions considered unlawful are smoking, selling, or buying tobacco products by minors; instructing a minor to smoke, buy or sell tobacco products and selling or distributing tobacco products in a school or public playground.

On the first day of the ban, a local radio station reported no smokers were seen on the busy streets of the Cubao district of Quezon.

Duterte initiated a smoking ban in Davao City when he was mayor.

He vowed to implement a nationwide ban, citing smoking’s effect on his body, particularly Buerger’s disease, which causes blockages in the vessels in one’s hands and feet.

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