President: China firmly supports just cause of Palestinian people

Chinese President Xi makes four-point proposal for settlement of Palestinian question

President: China firmly supports just cause of Palestinian people

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Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Monday that China firmly supported the just cause of the Palestinian people.      

Xi and visiting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas held official talks amidst Abbas's two-day state visit to China.      

The Palestinian issue dominated the talks between Xi and Abbas, the first head of state from the Middle East region to visit China after Xi assumed the Chinese presidency in March.      

Chinese President Xi commented on settlement of the Palestinian question during his talks with visiting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.      

"The issue, already lasting more than half a century, has brought deep suffering to the Palestinian people and remains an important reason of extended turbulence in the Middle East region," he said.      

So long as the legitimate national rights and interests of the Palestinian people can not be restored, peace between Palestine and Israel would not be realized, "let alone peace and stability in the region," Xi stressed.      

He pointed out that the Palestinian issue "should not be neglected at anytime and must be put in an important and noteworthy position."      

Xi reiterated that Chinese people's support to Palestinian people "is sincere and hearty." China will, as always, support the just cause of the Palestinian people, he said.      

"Despite turns and twists in peace talks between Palestine and Israel, we believe that the dream of the Palestinian people to establish an independent state can come true provided (you) hold the general direction of peace and make unremitting efforts (in your cause)," he told Abbas.      

The Palestinian president also stressed that a political solution "remains the best and only way out," adding that Palestine wants to address the issue through peaceful talks on the basis of a two-state solution.      

Abbas also urged Israel to observe international pacts, halt settlement building so as to create conditions for resumption of the peace talks.      

Palestine is also committed to internal reconciliation and solidarity, he said.      

Abbas also spoke highly of China's just stance on the Palestinian issue and hoped China will continue to play its part in the process.           

Four-point proposal

Chinese President Xi made a four-point proposal for the settlement of the Palestinian question during his talks with visiting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.      

The four-point proposal is as follows:     

First, the right direction to follow should be an independent Palestinian State and peaceful co-existence of Palestine and Israel. To establish an independent state enjoying full sovereignty on the basis of the 1967 borders and with East Jerusalem as its capital is an inalienable right of the Palestinian people and the key to the settlement of the Palestinian question. At the same time, Israel's right to exist and its legitimate security concerns should also be fully respected.      

Second, negotiation should be taken as the only way to peace between Palestine and Israel. The two sides should follow the trend of the times, pursue peace talks, show mutual understanding and accommodation, and meet each other half way. The immediate priority is to take credible steps to stop settlement activities, end violence against innocent civilians, lift the blockade of the Gaza Strip and properly handle the issue of Palestinian prisoners in order to create the necessary conditions for the resumption of peace talks. Comprehensive internal reconciliation on the part of Palestine will help restart and advance the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks.      

Third, principles such as "land for peace" should be firmly upheld. The parties concerned ought to build on the existing achievements that include the principle of "land for peace," the relevant UN resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative to advance the Middle East peace process across the board.      

Fourth, the international community should provide important guarantee for progress in the peace process. Relevant parties of the international community should have a greater sense of responsibility and urgency, take an objective and fair position, make vigorous efforts to encourage talks for peace, and increase assistance to Palestine in such fields as human resources training and economic development.

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