Prosecutor asks life term for ex-Kyrgyz president

Ousted President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, in exile in Belarus, is held responsible for the death of 77 protesters during the April 7 civil uprising against him.

Prosecutor asks life term for ex-Kyrgyz president

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Prosecutors requested life imprisonment for Kyrgyzstan's toppled President Kurmanbek Bakiyev on Monday for the crushing of the civil uprising in 2010 against his rule.

The court hearings for the 2010 civil uprising against his rule where 77 people were killed and approximately 300 were wounded amid clashes between security forces and protesters continued on Monday.

Prosecutors called for the deposed president who fled in exile after the revolt, to be sentenced to life in prison. They accused him of the murder of six protesters in southern Aksy province in March 2002 during his prime ministry, and organising mass killings and ordering troops to fire upon unarmed protesters in the capital Bishkek in April 2010 during his presidency.

In the hearing, Bakiyev's brother and former Chief of the State Protection Service Janysh Bakiyev, Ex-Prime Minister Daniyar Usenov, Defense Minister Baktibek Kaliyev, and Chief of State Committee of National Security Murat Sutalinov and other state officials are also on trial.

Daniyar Usenov was called to be sentenced to life imprisonment upon charges of "abuse of power and exceeding his powers" along with Janysh Bakiyev who additionally is accused of drug trafficking, complicity to the murder of 77 people and the attempted murder of 306 people. Prison terms between three to 25 years were demanded for other 18 accused.

Both the ex-President Kurmanbek Bakiyev and his brother Janysh Bakiyev are now in exile in Belarus where they were granted political asylum while Usenov remains in exile in Kazakhstan. The court will continue the debate on Tuesday and the Bakiyev brothers will be tried in absentia. However, the defense minister and other security officials remain in prison pending the trial.

Last year, a Kyrgyz court sentenced the ousted president Bakiyev in absentia to 24 years in jail for abuse of power. The court ruled for the confiscation of his property in the case of the murder of politician Mededbek Sadyrulov, who died in a bizarre traffic accident after reportedly falling out with the Bakiyev brothers.

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