Rights group says Myanmar's Rohingya is 'genocide'

The European Rohingya Council accused Myanmar of "slow-burning genocide".

Rights group says Myanmar's Rohingya is 'genocide'

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A Europe-based human rights group accused Myanmar’s government on Thursday of complicity in a “slow-burning genocide” against the Rohingya Muslim minority and suggested the international community should intervene to end human rights violations.

At a press conference in neighboring Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka, the European Rohingya Council demanded both the international community and Bangladesh’s government take an active role in ending alleged human rights violations in Myanmar.

“They are killed and their homes and villages destroyed by security forces and state sponsored non-state actors and their women are systematically raped as an instrument of ethnic cleansing,” the group said in a press statement.

“These crimes amount to ‘slow-burning genocide’ as they have been carried out with the knowledge of the government, with intent to destroy the Rohingya people.”

The group called on the international community to ensure Myanmar’s government recognize Rohingya ethnicity and citizenship of Myanmar and allow refugees in neighboring countries to return.

It also demanded a UN inquiry into alleged human rights abuses in western state Arakan.

“Our demand to the peoples and government of Bangladesh is to play a ‘key role’ to find out a just and lasting solution to the long-standing Rohingya problem, in the interest of Bangladesh and persecuted Rohingya peoples,” said the group’s spokesperson Mohammed Ibrahim.

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Patman - 5 yıl Before

Myanmar is surrounded by millions who want to take and never give. let them handle this issue as needed.

sal - 5 yıl Before

As an American of Rohingya descent, it breaks my heart to see the suffering of the rohingyas living in Arakan. Our presence in the region dates back to more than 300 years. Every border in the world have communities living on either side of the border, and it is only natural to have Bengali speaking people in Bangladesh as well as in Myanmar. To deny them their rights and labeling them as "illegal Bengalis" defies logic and only displays pure hatred for people who don't look or sound the same.

c - 5 yıl Before

whats the problem?

Red - 5 yıl Before

Do non muslims have same rights in muslim countries?

Enayet Mowla
Enayet Mowla - 5 yıl Before

I understand the WARNING, but where are the comments you have decided to publish? It should be remembered that Commentators write their comments for others to read.