Russian Muslim leader warns of war in Central Asia

Islamic Committee of Russia head Geydar Dzhemal warned that Russia and China may destabilize Central Asia.

Russian Muslim leader warns of war in Central Asia

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The head of the Islamic Committee of Russia, Geydar Dzhemal, met with Central Asian opposition leaders and journalists in the Kyrgyzstan capital Bishkek, in which he warned that soon the region will witness a number of important developments, backtrack on progress and even wars.

Saying that relations between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are particularly heading in a bad direction, Dzhemal also added that Russia's occupation of Crimea was a trap that they had fallen into which would consequently lead to weakening Russian influence in Central Asia.

Russian-backed regimes cannot maintain power for long, Jamal mentioned, blaming them for turning the region into one rife with corruption and oppression.

Jamal reminded attendees that he had once foretold the present war between Russia and Ukraine years ago but he had not been taken seriously at the time. He then warned that China was supporting instability in the region, as the decrease of Russian influence in Central Asia would allow China to spread their own influence there.

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