Seoul responds to N.Korean threats with missile test

South Korean defense sources reveal development of missile capable of striking anywhere in North

Seoul responds to N.Korean threats with missile test

World Bulletin / News Desk

South Korea has conducted a "successful" ballistic missile test of its own after a string of banned North Korean launches.

Defense sources cited by local media on Thursday said the new missile can reach 800 kilometers (around 497 miles) - meaning anywhere in the North.

The test took place "recently" under the supervision of Defense Minister Han Min-koo and was deemed "successful," according to Yonhap News Agency.

While the ministry would not confirm the test, a spokesperson admitted Thursday to the development of a ballistic missile with a range of 800 kilometers. That is the distance Seoul agreed with the United States in 2012, having extended its maximum ballistic missile range from 300 kilometers.

The U.S. provides extensive protection including nearly 30,000 troops stationed in the South as well as military hardware.

Seoul had condemned North Korea's latest ballistic missile launch on Wednesday. Unlike South Korea, the North operates under heavy global sanctions as the United Nations Security Council has been working for years to stop Pyongyang's development of weapons of mass destruction.

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