Seoul says no more war on Korean Peninsula

South Korean leader Moon Jae-in says Pyongyang’s nuclear threat must be resolved by peaceful means

Seoul says no more war on Korean Peninsula

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South Korean President Moon Jae-in marked his 100th day in office Thursday by declaring “there will be no war on the Korean Peninsula ever again."

Speaking at a press conference in the capital Seoul, Moon maintained his stance that the North Korean nuclear threat must be resolved by peaceful means.

However, Seoul’s close ally the United States appearing to gear up for battle with Pyongyang amid a war of words between President Donald Trump and North Korean counterpart Kim Jong-un.

Following Trump's recent "fire and fury" threat against the North, Moon told reporters he believes the U.S. leader was just aiming "to pressure North Korea by showing a firm determination."

"I do not necessarily believe that showed his determination to take military options," the South's president added in comments carried by Yonhap News Agency, also insisting the U.S. cannot start a war on the Korean Peninsula anyway without Seoul's consent.

Moon did still have some tough words for North Korea, which was recently slapped with strengthened United Nations Security Council sanctions after two ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) tests last month.

"I believe North Korea completing its development of ICBMs and mounting nuclear warheads on ballistic missiles will mark its crossing the red line. North Korea is nearing the critical point," he cautioned.

"Should North Korea again make a provocation, the North will face further enhanced sanctions, and it will not endure them," Moon said.

For its part, Pyongyang has so far refused Moon's offers of dialogue and cooperation as "insincere".

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