Small Filipino community in fear of 'werewolves'

Report says creatures believed to be werewolves arrive around full moon, killing local goats, sucking their blood and tearing out their hearts and livers.

Small Filipino community in fear of 'werewolves'

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Villagers on an isolated small island in the central Philippines are reported to be living in fear of a full moon after creatures they believe to be werewolves attacked farm animals, sucking their blood and tearing out their hearts and livers.

The Manila Standard reported this week that Sibale's goat population is dwindling, with 16 goats killed in the past month alone - usually before the "super" moon.

“It’s a continuing goat massacre happening at the onset of the full moon almost every year since 2012," Mayor Lemuel Cipriano told the newspaper.

He added that in the past two years more than 211 strangled goats had been found dead, their carcasses scattered in open fields with gaping wounds in the stomach.

Farmer Vincent Fajutagana has reported seeing a creature about to attack his tethered goat, coming face to face “with a big, black dog with bloodshot eyes.” Meanwhile another resident reported that her pregnant goat - and its kid - was found dead with its intestines removed and blood splattered around a coconut grove in the area.

Some locals are reported to insist that the attackers are not werewolves, but actually “vampires that have taken the form of dogs.”

Island Governor Eduardo Firmalo has ordered police “to shoot [the creatures] on sight."

The creatures are reported to attack between midnight and 2 a.m., usually several nights before the full moon. The most recent attack was this month when the "werewolves" gutted nine goats owned by a local businessman.

“The people have become fearful of the full moon, especially the once-a-year super moon, because it could bring bigger tragedy for them,” said Capriano.

A local agriculturalist has said that some residents believe the killers weren't werewolves at all, but vampires "because they suck the blood and eat only the heart and the liver and leave the rest of the body intact."

"They [the villagers] have no way of knowing whether the killers are werewolves, or just dogs, or creatures pretending to be dogs,” Nelia Yap said.

We are deeply concerned because "after the goats are gone, they might attack our children," said Guimera.

Sibale is a small U-shaped mountainous island of around 4,500 people, which can be reached by boat in about two hours from the mainland.

Residents of the island can expect two more super moons this year, on August 10 and September 3.

“The long nights leading to the full moons will be nights of agony for the people of Sibale because they are certain the werewolves will attack again,” said Guimera.

He has ordered island officials and police to carry out nightly patrols to stop the slaughter. Residents armed with knives and long sharpened bamboo sticks are also waiting.

“This time we will prepared, and we will be vigilant," said Guimera.

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