'Take Tajikstan, but give Afghanistan to India'

President Ashraf Ghani pulled no punches when after formal talks with India concluded, said that Pakistan can have access to trade with Tajikistan as long as they assist India to Afghanistan - an idea that has drawn much criticism from Pakistan.

'Take Tajikstan, but give Afghanistan to India'

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Afghani President Ashraf Ghani has made it clear, in no uncertain terms that they are prepared to deal with India by saying that Afghanistan can help Pakistan get access to Tajikistan if Pakistan helps India to access Afghanistan.

Ghani himself onveyed this directly to his Indian counterparts during his formal talks with Prime Minister on Tuesday. His visit to India was for one purpose only: 

Ghani’s India visit has to be gauged from only one perspective: its strategic component and how it can be delivered.

When he was first elected President last year, the Indian government was wary of where he stood, however this Tajikistan twist to the India-Pakistan Afghanistan triangle has assured the Modi government of where he stands with India.

India has been urging Pakistan to allow transit rights for transporting Indian goods to Afghanistan but Pakistan has consistently blocked Indian efforts as it just cannot tolerate the very thought of India and Afghanistan coming together. Pakistan is serious in wanting to trade with Tajikistan but it cannot do this without the help of Afghanistan. 

To further elaborate Ghani's remarks, Indian President Narendra Modi said in a statement,with Ghani by his side, "President Ghani shared his impressive vision for Afghanistan's prosperity, based on its talent, resources and location. We believe that Afghanistan's direct surface link to India and the rest of South Asia, and increased connectivity to sea, could turn Afghanistan into a hub that connects Asia's diverse regions and beyond.

"We are ready to welcome Afghan trucks at the ICP Attari. We are also prepared to join the successor agreement to Afghan Pakistan Trade and Transit Agreement. This will re-establish one of the oldest trading routes of South Asia. I also reaffirmed my commitment to take the Chahbahar Port project in Iran forward. We will also quickly conclude a bilateral Motor Vehicles Agreement,".

Pakistan is very serious in wanting to trade with Tajikistan but it cannot do this without the help of Afghanistan. 


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