Turkmenistan sold Iranian oil to US

The U.S. Army's latest report claims that the oil bought from Turkmenistan and used by forces in Afghanistan was obtained from Iran through breaching sanctions.

Turkmenistan sold Iranian oil to US

World Bulletin/ News Desk

According to a new U.S. government report, the fuel that was bought from Turkmenistan and used by the United States security forces in Afghanistan also included oil from Iran, and Turkmenistan violated the related sanctions.

The report prepared by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction investigating the use of funds specifies that U.S. forces and fuel suppliers in Afghanistan must comply with U.S. regulations.

The report, which states that sanctions restricting trade with Iran also cover fuel from Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, emphasized that suppliers provided fuel which was "blended" from different sources. According to the report, especially the petrol from Turkmenistan originates from Iran.

The report, which does not offer conclusive evidence  but contains accusations against Turkmenistan, records that the Pentagon paid more than $800 million to the administration in Ashgabat  last year in return for the supplied oil.

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