Beautiful autumn in Balkans

Autumn colours flooded the nature this year in Balkans.

Beautiful autumn in Balkans

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"Autumns of my childhood had a golden color. Mother strews plenty of bright sparks from her right hand, a sea of it, so they cling to treetops and tremble illuminated. Then my mother caress me with her left palm and I am growing, lifting up from the soil, flying. Under me and around me golden sea," wrote late Bosnian writer Zija Dizdarevic.

Autumn colors flooded the nature this year in Balkans. The most beautiful colors emerge from the trees and grass.

Inspired by this, photojournalists of Anadolu Agency (AA) captured many of those who enjoy in variety of colors, beautiful sunset, walking on streets covered by red, brown, yellow and orange leaves in many parts of Balkans.

Despite all problems inhabitants of Balkans have, autumn reminds them how pleasant life they have in this south European peninsula.

Air temperatures in cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina nowadays are between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius, in Serbia between 9 and 16, in Croatia between 12 and 17, while in Adriatic sea coast temperatures reach 23 degrees Celsius and in Montenegro 25 degrees Celsius maximum.

Autumn in Balkans look like late summer. People enjoy early fall.

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