Bosnia struggles with floods after heavy rain

Rivers burst banks, landslides, causing many to sleep outside.

Bosnia struggles with floods after heavy rain

Bosnia and Herzegovina was hit by strong floods after heavy rain on Thursday night and Friday morning.

Flash flooding in Bosnia&Herzegovina's Blagaj due to heavy rain

The floods caused rivers to swell and burst their banks in low-lying areas in many cities across the country, especially in the capital Sarajevo.

Meanwhile, many houses and business places as well as cars in the underground garages also flooded and the traffic in the capital was disrupted.

The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Meteorology Union said precipitation will continue throughout the country and a red alert was issued against the danger of floods and landslides.

Bosnia often suffers from floods and landslides which causes people to spend nights outside.

More rain is expected throughout the week.

In May 2014, floods killed tens of people and damaged nearly 20,000 homes in Bosnia and Herzegovina.