Bosnia woman who stands still focus of national attention

Every day for over one month now, Jelena Topic, a young performance artist from Prijedor, stands quietly in the central city square attracting more and more attention all over Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnia woman who stands still focus of national attention

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Jelena Topic, a 28-year old performance artist from Bosnia and Herzegovina, appears in a square everyday to stand still and she wouldn't say why she is doing it.

"Jelena, we are all with you," "Sometimes silence is like a gold," "When we all stop talking, we will start to understand," read some of the messages from 13,000 fans left for her at social networking sites to express their support.

Topic has been standing for over one month now, unmoving, not saying a word.

She became public sensation all over the region, while the media is giving a daily coverage of her performance.

She stands for a certain amount of time no matter of what weather conditions are, or anything that is going on around her.

She is accompanied by a friend of hers who films everything that is going on around her everyday.

Regional media outlets have compared Jelena to Marina Abramovic, the internationally-acclaimed Serbia-born performance artist.

Though she does not give any clue as for the reason she stands still, occasionally, she puts different banners in the front of her which read "I am loudly being silent", or "No one would hear me even if I spoke," "How to leave this country?" And she recently began holding photo camera in her hands.

People are approaching her, some even joining in her silent performance.

Little is known about Jelena but that she had studied film and television directing at the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka, as well as philosophy.

According to some media reports, she will be making her daily performances for one more week.

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