Bulgarian highway robbers captured

A gang of Bulgarian highway robbers were finally captured after terrorising foreign registered cars for twenty years.

Bulgarian highway robbers captured

World Bulletin / News Desk

A gang of Bulgarian highway robbers, who for twenty years targeted Turkish guest workers driving through Bulgaria to and from Germany, was captured by Bulgarian police on Monday.

The gang led by two brothers, Emil and Evgeni Milev, targeted foreigners by disguising themselves as traffic police. After stopping passersby, they would steal their valuables, beat them up and then torch their cars.

The last victim was Mustafa Gumus, whose car was robbed in 2009 when he was returning to Turkey from Germany. The gang stole five thousand euros and burned his car near Sofia's Vakarel district.

The nickname for the gang was 'crocodiles', as they operated stealthily, carefully planning their attacks, and were able to evade capture for so long.

The two brothers and are being charged with 100 crimes between 1997-2004. At least half their victims were Turks, according to one source.

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