Bulgarian Islamic bookstore a hit with locals

The only bookstore that is in Kardhzali Bulgaria has proven to be a hit with the local population, providing the Muslims and the general public a much needed service.

Bulgarian Islamic bookstore a hit with locals

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In the past year, a bookstore that has opened in Kardhzali has provided their religious material for the Muslim community in Kardhzali in Bugaria. Prints in Bulgarian as well as Turkish sit side by side.
This bookstore is the only bookstore in Kardhzali that services the needs of the Muslim population.

The bookstore is run by Sibel Mehmet, a graduate of the Sofia Islamic Institute for Higher education. At the same time, Sibel Mehmet is also the main preacher of the mosque and the Quran teacher as well as assisting those who come into the store to ask questions about Islam.

Sibel Mehmet, explaining the business, said, "There are many requests from visitor as well as asking about the different books. Some are students, some are just members of the public. Some of them, once seeing the books on display, cry. They have spent years longing to read and look at the Quran. Just looking at the shelves stocked with the Quran and and Turkish books is a source of amazement. They ask how it even happened".



Translated Books

The bookstore services a great need for those in the region. Till now it is only this bookstore that people could find books in Turkish. The Muslim population that cannot read in Turkish can also find translated books in Bulgarian here.

"The translated Quran copies are brought here from Bulgarin Islamic Directorate as well as the Turkish Ministry of Religious Affairs". There are children's colouring books, book that provide basic religious knowlege as well as other works available in our store. The book that is sold the most is the Quran, many people are curious about it. They constantly come in and ask questions about the Quran and I show them copies in both Turkish and Bulgarian. Those who understand Bulgarian purchase the Bulgarian copy and those who understand Turkish purchase the Turkish copy.

Ramadan Discounts

In particular for the month of Ramadan there are Ramadan discounts which provides an added advantage for the public. An Islamic calendar is also gifted to all who visit the shop during the sacred month of Ramadan.
Young mother who wish to teach their children Islam also bring their children to the bookstore. For those in the region, the availability of the texts has been a great advantage however they now hopes to meet the needs of others in Bulgaria by opening other stores.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 07 Temmuz 2015, 13:57