Children and parents in Bosnia protesting against discrimination

Bosniak children protesting in front of the state government building demanding to attend school

Children and parents in Bosnia protesting against discrimination

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Group of children and their parents gathered in the front of the state government building in Sarajevo to protest education policy of the Republika Srpska (RS), predominantly Bosnian Serb entity.

Bosnian Muslim children and parents come from Konjevic polje (eastern Republika Srpska) to demand the authorities to allow children in RS to attend classes in their native language and learn in the so-called national subjects.

Twenty children and as many parents in front of the Parliament building of Bosnia and Herzegovina are protesting this morning during the meeting of the Federal Minister of Education and Science Damir Masic and Minister of Education and Culture of the Republika Srpska Goran Mutabdzija.

"Stop Discrimination" and "We are equal and we want the law regulations to be fulfilled" are some of the inscriptions on the protest signs that children raised today.

"We are just looking for a basic education that children should have", said a parent of two children Senad Muminovic, adding that if the government does not solve anything in this matter the children will go to the nearest school in the Federation entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Parents are dissatisfied with unfollowing the curriculum, unproportional representation of ethnicity in the formation of the school board and the hiring of teachers and they are sending a message that children will not go to school until their demands are met. They demand the education in the Bosnian language instead of Serbian, use of Latin instead of Cyrilic, as well as the education in so-called 'national' subjects for the Bosniak national group, which are not part of the Serbian curriculum.

Children of Bosniak returnees to the Konjevic Polje and Vrbanjci (eastern RS) do not attend the school since the beginning of this school year because they seek the education in the national subjects in accordance with the Constitution, the law and the temporary inter-entity agreement reached in 2002 which guarantees them the curriculum in their language.

Three different school curricullums are currently in use in Bosnia and Herzegovina, one in Republika Srpska, and two in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

 Five so-called ‘national’ subjects are History, Geography, Religion, Mother tongue and Literature, and Nature and Society.

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