CIA chief John Brennan in Bosnia for anti-ISIL talks

Bosnian arrests have concerned officials that ISIL may be opening a new southeast Europe frontier

CIA chief John Brennan in Bosnia for anti-ISIL talks

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CIA Director John O. Brennan arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina for a series of anti-terror talks on Friday amid ongoing concern among intelligence officials that ISIL aims to open a front in southeastern Europe.

Mr. Brennan arrived in Sarajevo on an unannounced visit from Saudi Arabia, where he held meetings this week with senior officials from six Arab nations on the sidelines of President Obama’s own trip to Riyadh.

Bosnian officials said the US intelligence director arrived in Sarajevo on an unannounced visit to meet officials but the press office of the US embassy told BIRN on Friday that it had “no comment to make” about Brennan's visit and provided no further details.

“Brennan’s visit demonstrates that the US is interested and willing to help Bosnia to further develop its capacities to counter terrorism,” security expert Armin Krzalic told BIRN.

One of the main problems in Bosnia’s fight authorities against terrorism is weak intelligence sharing between the different police agencies.

“A more effective and timely exchange of information between the different Bosnian agencies is necessary,” Krzalic, director of the Center for Security Studies in Sarajevo, said.

“This is not only an exclusive problem of Bosnia … but it is true also for the EU,” he added.

Meanwhile Police Directorate Lukac told the local media: “We discussed the security in Bosnia and the usual topics discussed during this kind of meeting.

“We exchanged views on security issues, as expected. The meeting was very constructive … everything was fine,” Lukac added.

Source: Washington Post/Eurasia review


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