Drug trafficking ring broken in the Balkans

Massive police operation under the code name Elenika was conducted all over the Balkans, in Italy, Slovenia and Austria, resulting in breaking the drug trafficking ring

Drug trafficking ring broken in the Balkans

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Over 200 kg of heroin and 500 kg of marijuana were found during the police operation that was conducted simultaneously in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Italy.

According to the police reports, 71 person were arrested in all these countries, including five in Bosnia. In Kosovo, local police and EU forces conducted three operations discovering certain amount of guns and ammunition.

The entire operation is part of the efforts to stop drug smuggling through the Balkans. Most of the drugs smuggled through the Balkans come from Afghanistan and end in Europe. With this operation, huge harm was made at the key drug smuggling organisation in Europe.

Italian police held a press conference in L’Aquila, Italy saying that international cooperation between police forces confirms that fight against organised crime can be successful if carried out together.

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