Employees of Borac textile factory on hunger strike

About 50 former employees of the Borac textile factory spent a night in the open and on hunger strike asking for their rights.

Employees of Borac textile factory on hunger strike

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Nezira Karic is one of the women formerly employed by the Borac textile factory who went on hunger strike and spent a Monday night out in the open in Sarajevo.

Karic, together with about 50 other women, spent a slepless night in front of the Court of BiH building. Last night in Sarajevo the temperature was about 10 degrees Celsius. People from the neighboring houses were bringing warm blankets and tea for the group of only women who are on hunger strike.

Karic told AA she does not believe something will be changed with this strike, but they did not know any other way out of the situation they are in for several years.

Ifeta Hajdarevic, the representative of the women on strike, told AA they arrived in Sarajevo around 1 p.m. on Monday. Since then, nobody tried to speak with them or ask why they are there.

“There has been over six months since we filed a claim about irregularities with privatization of the Borac factory. We have never received any kind of response,” Hajdarevic claims. “We decided to go on hunger strike, and we will refuse to take any food as long as we do not hear from somebody in the prosecution office about what is going on,” she adds.

As she claims, employees of Borac did not get their salaries, or any of the benefits guaranteed by the law, like health or social insurance, for eight years.

“They took everything from us. The factory is sold out, and the management told us we would get nothing. And we decided to fight for our rights,” Hajdarevic concludes.

“Many people came to visit us, to encourage us. Some offered us food, blankets, hot tea and coffee. Some even invited us to sleep at their houses. We did not accept any of that. We will stay and wait, hoping somebody will come out and talk with us,” Sead Hodzic, another employee, said.

“We are frozen. Some of us are sick, and this will make situation even worse. But, we lost almost everything we had by now, including our health, and this is our last chance,” Hajdarevic told local media.

Borac, a textile factory from Zenica, went bankrupt four years ago. Over 200 employees lost their jobs after that, and the factory property was sold out.

Former employees are asking the state prosecution to investigate alleged embezzlement of money and to prosecute those who are responsible.

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