Former Yugoslav first lady buried next to Tito

Jovanka Broz buried with state and military honors in Serbian capital.

Former Yugoslav first lady buried next to Tito

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 Jovanka Broz, wife of former Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito was buried on Saturday in Belgrade.

As it was her wish, first lady of former Yugoslavia was buried in the House of Flowers, next to Tito. 

With military and state honors, in the presence of only ministers from Serbian government and family members of Ms. Broz, coffin with her body was lowered into the grave.

Journalists and citizens were not allowed to attend the funeral ceremony. According to police estimates, 10,000 people were present at the funeral.

Serbian PM Ivica Dacic said that this is the last farewell for the "first lady of former Yugoslavia". 

"This is a farewell to the last icon of former Yugoslavia and Tito's epoch," said Dacic.

President of Association of World War II Veterans Miodrag Zecevic reminded that her life was not easy, that she fought against fascism. According to him, burial in the House of Flowers is sign of appreciation to the "lady who gave her life to Tito and loved him till the end".

Jovanka Broz was lieutenant colonel of the Yugoslav People's Army and Partisan. That is why she was buried with military honors.

Several thousands of people gathered on Saturday morning in front of the House of Flowers. Funeral was followed up by 266 teams of journalists and agencies among which are Anadolu Agency, AFP, AP, Reuters, DW, RAI and others.

World media in the region describe her death as an "end of one era" and definite end of Yugoslavia. 

Some analysts say that her life destiny was similar to destiny of Yugoslavia. She spent decades of comfortable life and died alone and poor, reports Anadolu Agency (AA). 

Jovanka Broz died on Sunday, October 20. She was 89.

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