Lavrov: The new line of confrontation in Europe is in Balkans

Sergei Lavrov voiced concern over what he called the "New Confrontation Line in Europe", the Balkans.

Lavrov: The new line of confrontation in Europe is in Balkans

We are disturbed by the desire to open a new line of confrontation in Europe, this time in the Balkans. The countries of the region are insisting on joining NATO. Reiterating the inadmissibility of any intervention in their domestic affairs, European and American leaders are personally campaigning for the introduction of Balkan countries into the Euro-Atlantic Alliance, Lavrov said.

"In Kosovo, the military presence authorized by the United Kingdom's Komebev Security Council has been transformed into an American military base. Kosovo's military force has been created. The EU-brokered Pristina-Belgrade agreement has not been implemented, "Lavrov said, calling on the parties" to engage in dialogue in accordance with the principles of Security Council Resolution 1244. "

Unlike all the parties involved in the region seeking acceptable solutions both from Kosovo and Serbia, Lavrov seeks acceptable solutions to Serbia. "We will support a decision that will be acceptable to Serbia," he said without mentioning how this solution would be.

"In general, we encourage the Balkans not to return to the confrontation arena or to declare someone's property. The people of the Balkan countries are not forced to face wrong choices and should prevent the emergence of new separation lines, "having in mind Macedonia and the referendum there, but without mentioning the name of the country.

The Russian Federation has a permanent seat in the UN Security Council, the UN decision-making body, and has vetoed all efforts to find a friendly solution from both sides in the Kosovo Serb conflict.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 01 Ekim 2018, 17:38