Macedonian president accuses West

Macedonian president Gjorge Ivanov has said that the reason for the armed conflict in Kumanovo is that NATO and the EU must realize Macedonia being "outside of EU integration" according to b92 news.

Macedonian president accuses West

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The Macedonian president  Gjorge Ivanov made a statement during a meeting of the National Security Council that he informed representatives the EU and NATO about the armed attacks in Kumanovo. But  this communication "did not yield much results" at the time, he said.

An armed group that police in northern Macedonia tackled at the weekend, resulting in at least 22 deaths, was planning attacks.

President Gjorge Ivanov condemned in the strongest terms the attempt to violate the order and security of Macedonia, "which was aimed at destabilizing the country," and stressed that the intention of the gunmen to cause chaos had been prevented.

"At the meeting of the National Security Council, which was attended by representatives of the opposition, the attack on the security of the country, whose aim was to destabilize Macedonia, was condemned in the strongest terms," Ivanov said.

He added that during the operation "all institutions had concrete tasks," while the terrorists intended to carry out more attacks against more locations that would have produced "many civilian casualties."

In a televised address, Gjorge Ivanov said: "Police have prevented coordinated terrorist attacks at different locations in the country that would cause serious destabilization, chaos and fear." "but did not underestimate them," which is why the operation was "so extensive."

Ivanov pointed out that it was important to establish political dialogue between the authorities and the opposition parties, adding it was "high time that those conversations intensified."

The Macedonian president "expressed his regret that these kinds of events forced them to sit at the same table."

Ivanov called on all citizens, regardless of ethnicity, to be calm in order to avoid destabilizing the country and added that he, as president, "needs the composure of the whole public."

Ivanov expressed his condolences to the families of the police officers "who gave their life for Macedonia" during the clashes in the northern town over the weekend.

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