Metal industry workers protest in Bosnia

Metal workers in Bosnia have protested against the economic situation of the country.

Metal industry workers protest in Bosnia

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Hundreds of metal industry workers from the Bosnian Federation gathered on Thursday outside the Federation Government building in Sarajevo, protesting the economy deadlock in the country. 

Due to threats of company and work place closures and dissatisfaction with the metal industry's condition, workers, representatives and syndicate members raised signs reading "Reduce taxes and Value added taxes" and "Once we were asking the state for a loan, now we offer the state a loan."

The remained in front of the building until afternoon, hoping authorities would invite them to a meeting.

Workers demand health care, unburdening the economy, work and health protection legislation, and constitutional amendments on strikes, said Syndicate of Metal Workers in Bosnia and Herzegovina president Muhamed Hadzic. 

"I would be very happy if we did not have to solve our problems in such a way," he said. 

Metal industry workers are the most disadvantaged in the country, said 'Unis Pretis Vogosca" Syndicate president Mujo Avdispahic. 

"Their health insurance was not paid for years," he said, adding that two of his colleagues died of cancer because they did not have insurance and could not receive medical treatment.

As part of a general strike, metal industry workers suspended on Thursday production in companies in the Bosnian Federation.

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