Police suspected in drug scandal in Republika Srpska

Several inspectors from RS Ministry of Interior suspected in involvement in the drug trafficking

Police suspected in drug scandal in Republika Srpska

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Citizens have lost their trust in police in Bosnian entity Republika Srpska, admitted Mladen Maric, chief of the Center for Public Security  (CPS) in Banja Luka, capital of Republika Srpska.

This statement followed the scandals at the RS Ministry of Interior where several inspectors were suspected in involvement in the drug trafficking.

Four inspectors from the CPS - Slavko Djuric, Ognjen Stijak, Srdjan Radulovic and Marko Kovacevic - are under the investigation with the suspicion of abuse of power and authority as well as of drug trafficking.

"There is suspicion that they have cooperated with the drug dealers," said Maric.

The public was shaken because inspectors work in the Department for Narcotics.

Chief of CPS is promising that together with the Ministry of Interior they will crack down on each member of the police who participates in the crime.

The public was earlier informed about the illegal acts of the police officers but from the Ministry of Interior nobody took any steps to solve it.

Srdjan Radulovic created a network of narco dealers in which each one of them was 'covering' certain areas in Banja Luka, says media in Banja Luka.

Arrest of Radulovic brought suspicion on the investigations led by these four inspectors. For a long time, RS Ministry of Interior have neglected the crime and police abuse. Ministry have also neglected the citizens who spoke about missuse of the police power.

Commision of the Council of Europe for prevention of the torture and inhumane treatment has also submitted a report warning about the missuse of power and authority by some members of the CPS in Banja Luka.

Citizen of Banja Luka (P.S.) speaks to the Anadolu Agency about his personal experience with the inspectors:

"In March 2011, inspectors Stijak and Radulovic arrested me for possesion of marijuana. No matter that I voluntarily gave it to them and gave a statement that I personally purchased it, and not deny my guilt, inspectors have tortured me physically and mentally for several hours.They took me to the underground garage and beat me with their fists and feets."

Torture was continued, he adds, in the CPS Banja Luka "where they removed my clothes and beat me with baseball bats."

In the court proceeding, based on the criminal charges of inspector Radulovic, P.S. testified about the torture which he survived. He gave the names of the inspectors, but Prosecutor's Office ignored his testimony.

"Today, more than two years after that event, inspectors are arrested. I hail that step taken by Ministry of Interior," he said.

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