President of Kosovo signs controversial amnesty law

Kosovo president signed the law that was precondition for the Belgrade to continue working on normalization of relations between two countries

President of Kosovo signs controversial amnesty law

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Atifete Jahjaga, president of Kosovo, signed on Wednesday the amnesty law that could, according to Serbia, help integration of Serbs from the north in Kosovo's society and institutions.

This law is considered to be a key part of the deal to normalize relations between Kosovo and Serbia.

The law was approved by the parliament in July, after a previous version was voted down on the grounds that it could bring amnesty to people committed crimes like murder.

At the beginning of September, the Constitutional Court of Kosovo ruled that some parts of the legislation should be removed for the law to be in accordance with the Constitution. The ruling demanded the removal of  sections suggesting amnesty for crimes such as destruction of property, assisting offenders after they have committed crimes, and the falsification of the documents.

Belgrade claims this law will help integrate Serbs from the north of Kosovo by ensuring they will not be prosecuted for resistance to the Pristina authorities in the past.

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