Security challenges in the legal system in Bosnia

Joint conference states security threats to the judges and prosecutors in Bosnia should not be tolerated

Security challenges in the legal system in Bosnia

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President of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Novkovic said that the Prosecutorial Council has information which indicate that the safety of the judges and prosecutors have been jeopardized more times in the recent past, adressing the present at the Joint conference on the "Security Challenges of the Legal system in Bosnia and Herzegovina".

The conference is held today in Sarajevo and organized by the United Nations (UN) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, European Union (EU) delegation/European Union Special Representatives (EUSR) and the US embassy.

Novkovic added that he believes that this "conference is unique opportunity to send the message that the compromised safety of the judges, prosecutors or employees of any judicial institution should not be tolerated and that it should be resisted".

Addresing the present, charge of the affairs of the US embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina Nicholas Hill said that although Bosnia and Herzegovina put a lot of efforts in the legal system security, certain challenges still exist.

"There is no doubt that the police in Bosnia and Herzegovina want to investigate, prosecutors want to raise the charges and that the judges want to adjudicate on a fair and democratic basis", said Hill adding that, unfortunately, the working environment, for the judges and prosecutors in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not always safe.

"Last year the Faculty of the Political Sciences have conducted the questionaire in which 24 % of the judges and prosecutors stated that they are exposed to the attacks and threats. Many of  the threats were public while only a few of them were reported", said Hill.

Hill reminded that the rule of law is foundation to every stabile and prosperous country.

He said to the judges and prosecutors that the American Government with EU and UN partners  support their work and promised to do everything that is possible to create a safe working environment as a precondition for sucessful criminal proceedings.

Under the auspices of the international community in Bosnia and Herzegovina the reform of the judiciary within the new laws and new setup of institutions such as the Court and the Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina was launched.

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