Serbia NGO calls to expel 'war criminals' from army

The Humanitarian Law Center (HLC), a Serbian NGO based in Belgrade, has demanded that the Serbian military discharges two officials on trial for war crimes.

Serbia NGO calls to expel 'war criminals' from army

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A non-governmental organization based in Belgrade has demanded that the Serbian military remove two of its members indicted for war crimes.

The Humanitarian Law Center (HLC) have sent their request to the Chief of Staff Ljubisa Divkovic, asking for the dismissal of two high-ranking officers - Pavle Gavrilovic and Rajko Kozlina - who are charged with crimes perpetrated against Albanians in Kosovo in March of 1999. Both are active military personnel.

Gavrilovic and Kozlina were charged with the murder of at least 27 civilians in the village Trnje, Kosovo. According to the indictment, filed on November 6, Gavrilovic ordered the attack, and Kozlina personally shot in the head a senior civilian.

"Some of them were elderly people, some women and children. The youngest one was a boy aged four," a statement from HLC says.

The statement notes that the presence of war criminals in the army erodes the Serbian people's trust in a fundamental institution responsible for security and law enforcement.

Ninety percent of Kosovar Albanians were forced to leave in 1999, a Human Rights Watch report says, in a joint campaign launched by Yugoslav and Serbian forces in order to expel Albanian civilians and consolidate Serbian control over Kosovo.

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