Serbia PM thanks Israel for not recognizing Kosovo

Serbia's top official thanked Netanyahu and Rivlin for their stance regarding Kosovo

Serbia PM thanks Israel for not recognizing Kosovo

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Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic paid an official visit to Jerusalem on Monday during which he thanked his counterpart Benyamin Netanyahu and Israeli president Reuven Rivlin for not recognizing Kosovo.

"I thank Israel for not recognizing Kosovo," the Serbian PM said to Netanyahu while praising the friendly relations between the two countries, according to a statement released by the Serbian government.

"We do not forget friends who were with us in the most difficult moments, such as the help of Israel when we were affected by floods in May this year," Vucic said.

"By paying this historical visit, you show friendship with the Israeli people," Netanyahu told reporters ahead of the meeting.

During the meeting with Israeli president Rivlin late on Monday, the Serbian Prime Minister reiterated his gratitude for the Israeli decision not to recognize Kosovo, the statement continued. 

The Israeli president said he wants to maintain friendly relations and strengthen cooperation with Serbia, the statement added.

In addition to strengthening political ties, officials also discussed the possible extension of cooperation in industry, economy and the IT sector.

Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia in February 2008. 

So far, more than 110 countries have recognized it as an independent state, but Serbia has strictly opposed Kosovo's independence.

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