Seven politicians in Bosnia indicted

Special department for organized crime, economic crime and corruption of the state prosecution in Bosnia and Herzegovina issued indictment against seven high-ranking politicians.

Seven politicians in Bosnia indicted

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Zivko Budimir, the president of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is indicted by the state prosecution for misuse of the position and authorities, Boris Grubesic, the state prosecution spokesperson told AA.

His indictment includes names of six other people, including Budimir’s advisor Petar Barisic, justice minister for the Federation Zoran Mikulic, as well as Suad Kulosman, Hidajet Halilovic, Zeljko Asic and Armin Kulovac.

“Budimir is indicted that he, together with other indictees, misused his position of the president of Federation, on his own or after the consultations with some other people, including some politicians but also criminals, to issue illegal decisions to pardon or to set free some individuals from the prison, and to erase names of some people who committed crimes from the crime register,” Grubesic explained.

The prosecution claims that some of the people who were pardoned by Budimir are people who committed crimes more than once in the past.

“With his decision, people who were found guilty for some heavy crimes, including murder, murder in attempt, illegal trafficking of drugs, tax fraud, etc,” Grubesic adds.

Some of the people who were set free by these decisions, committed crimes after being released from the prison.

“He is also indicted for misuse of his position by when using money from the budget to pay his personal expenses,” Grubesic said.

The state court has to confirm the indictment that was submitted by the prosecution in order for the trial to begin.

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