Armenia to join Customs Union in May or June

The Customs Union, led by Russia, already has Belarus and Kazakhstan as official members. Armenia looks set to also sgn up while Kyrgyzstan has also shown interest.

Armenia to join Customs Union in May or June

World Bulletin / News Desk

Armenia's Economy Minister Vaghram Avanesian said that Armenia would be joining the Russian-led Customs Union next month or the month after.

Speaking to reporters in the Armenian capital Yerevan on Friday, Avanesian said talks due to resume on April 29 would present Armenia with a roadmap to join the bloc which includes Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Kyrgyzstan's Prime Minister Joomart Otorbaev also recently indicated that the central Asian country is preparing to join the union, as Kyrgyz products are already mainly being exported to Custom Union countries.

The union is expected that the union will attract former Soviet states and lead to the formation of the Eurasian Economic Space (EES) as a rival to the EU.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 19 Nisan 2014, 17:54