Armenian nuclear plant should be shut down: Turkey

Energy Minister Albayrak warns of aging Metsamor nuclear power plant near Turkish border at IAEA conference

Armenian nuclear plant should be shut down: Turkey

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Turkey's energy and natural resources minister has said Monday the Armenian Metsamor nuclear power plant should be shut down as the world cannot risk another disaster like Chernobyl. 

"Even if each country took the necessary precautions about its own nuclear power plant, we cannot ignore the threats at the borders. Therefore, we have to act together towards potential threats. In that regard, the Metsamor nuclear power plant should be shut down," Berat Albayrak said at the 60th general conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in the Austrian capital Vienna.

The Turkish minister explained nuclear threats, namely terrorism, went beyond countries’ borders.  

Armenia's Metsamor plant, built in 1970 and located 16 kilometers (10 miles) from the Turkish border, came under criticism by Turkish officials as Armenia decided to extend Metsamor's lifespan until 2026.

Turkey currently plans to build threes nuke plants

He also said that Turkey currently had plans to build three nuclear power plants.

Each of the plants boast four reactors, he said adding that the feasibility studies for the third nuclear power plant were still ongoing. 

Turkey's first nuclear power plant, Akkuyu, is being constructed by Russia while the second one, the Sinop nuclear power plant, will be built by a consortium composed of France, Japan and Turkey. 

Albayrak said that the plants would follow the IAEA's security standards. 

 Syrian land to be open to IAEA's auditors

Albayrak also urged the IAEA to look into Syria. 

"The lands of Syria should be opened to IAEA auditors. This is extremely important for a country like Syria where chemical weapons are used against its citizens," he pointed out. 

Albayrak concluded that Turkey supported security audit agreements aiming for a nuclear weapon-free Middle East. 

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